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Modern Combat 5 Mod APK, In the dynamic realm of video gaming, Gameloft SE has consistently established its mark with a remarkable assortment of games covering a wide range of genres. Their portfolio, ranging from exhilarating racing games to heart-pounding action adventures, never fails to impress and satisfy gamers. A shining jewel in their diverse roster is Modern Combat 5, the esteemed fifth entry in the celebrated Modern Combat series.

APP NameModern Combat 5 Mod APK
Latest version5.9.1a
APK Size1 GB
DeveloperGameloft SE


The game has earned an extensive fan base, its popularity surging to such a degree that it now proudly stands at its fifth version like BGMI Mod APK. As a participant in this immersive world, you step into the boots of a courageous soldier, armed and ready to defend your nation from the looming peril of terrorism.

Modern Combat 5 Mod APK

However, in the world of Modern Combat 5, you are not left to tackle the challenge alone. You’re supported by a team of four loyal comrades, each prepared to assist you in your pivotal mission. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves launching into intense battles against a dangerous terrorist faction, aiming to wipe them out and halt their nefarious trade of weapons of war to adversarial nations. For the gamers out there who thrive on trials and tribulations, Modern Combat 5 promises a gripping and satisfying experience.

What is the Modern Combat 5 game?

Modern Combat 5 is an action-packed game where you assume the role of a soldier known as Caddy Phoenix. Your adventure is not solitary; four team members accompany you, aiding you in your battle against menacing terrorists. Your mission involves dismantling the terrorist stronghold, essentially stopping their trade of war weapons.

What is the Modern Combat 5 MOD APK?

The Modern Combat 5 MOD APK is a modified, or “hacked,” version of the original Modern Combat 5 game. This version endows users with access to an array of weapons, creating a superior gaming experience. Not just that, the MOD APK comes with an exciting “God mode,” ensuring your invincibility throughout the game.

How to unlock different locations in Modern Combat 5?

In Modern Combat 5 Mod APK, not all locations are readily available for you to explore. To unlock new locations, you must first complete all missions within your current location. Each location presents about 4 to 6 tasks, the completion of which unlocks your path to the next locale.

How to get the character classes in Modern Combat 5?

In Modern Combat 5 Mod APK, as you successfully complete certain missions, you earn “skill points.” To access various character classes, you must strategically use these skill points. Remember, each character class demands a unique number of skill points. Utilize them wisely to unlock and experience diverse character classes.

Highlights of Modern Combat 5

Engaging Storyline

Modern Combat 5 boasts an exciting plot that revolves around combating terrorists trading in weapons of mass destruction. Your mission is not just to save your land from foes but also to obliterate the bases that harbor these terrorists.

Diverse Locations

The game transports you to a variety of locations, each presenting a unique battlefield against the terrorists. These hideouts range from temples to bustling areas teeming with crowds. To unlock further locations, you must complete missions in each current area.

Varied Characters

Adding to its allure, Modern Combat 5 introduces an array of character classes including Recon, Assault, and Bounty Hunters. The acquisition of these classes depends on your skill points, making the gameplay even more thrilling.

Multiple Game Modes

Modern Combat 5 isn’t just about solo missions. It offers several game modes, enabling you to enjoy the action with your friends. If you prefer a lone wolf style, the solo mode is perfect, where you single-handedly confront and eliminate the terrorists.

Impressive Arsenal

Modern Combat 5 Mod APK impresses with a vast array of weaponry at your disposal to counter terrorist threats. To unlock these weapons, you must level up, accomplished by participating in various missions and campaigns. These impressive weapons enhance your combat prowess, making the game an action-packed experience.

Salient Features of the Modern Combat 5 MOD APK

Unrestricted Locations

The MOD APK version of Modern Combat 5 Mod APK offers a significant advantage: all game locations are readily unlocked, granting you the freedom to explore at will.

Access to All Weapons

The MOD APK variant ensures you are not limited in your choice of weapons. You gain easy access to every weapon, giving you a strategic edge over your adversaries.

Invincibility with God Mode

The real charm of the MOD APK version is the coveted ‘God Mode’. With this feature, you become invincible, immune to the attacks of terrorists, ensuring your ultimate victory in every combat scenario.


If action and shooting games captivate you, then Modern Combat 5 Mod APK is a must-try. With its myriad missions and campaigns designed to protect your territory, this game offers an immersive experience. To enhance your gaming journey, our website provides the modified version, making your path to victory smoother and more enjoyable.


The Assault and Recon classes are widely considered the most formidable in Modern Combat 5.

Modern Combat 5 spans six enthralling chapters.

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