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The fascination with the life of gangsters and mafia lords has permeated pop culture for countless years. Be it through captivating films or engrossing TV dramas, audiences have always been drawn to the complex lives and challenges faced by these infamous characters. Yet, the chance to truly walk a mile in a gangster’s shoes, to understand their trials, has remained largely confined to screen narratives. But what if you could virtually live the journey from being an underworld newbie to ascending as the Mafia Kingpin? Welcome to New Gangster Crime, a game that offers just that experience.

Crafted by the adept team at Naxeex Studio, New Gangster Crime is an exhilarating action game that catapults you straight into the pulse of the mafia universe. You’re not merely controlling a character in this game; you’re stepping into the role of a gangster, experiencing the rollercoaster of emotions and events that come with it. It goes beyond just completing missions and earning points; it’s a story that brilliantly encapsulates the reality of the gangster lifestyle.

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New Gangster Crime starts you off as a beginner, a neophyte who has just entered the perilous landscape of the mafia. You’re an interloper, devoid of any alliances or understanding of the underworld’s mechanics. Yet, as the narrative unfolds, you’re gradually equipped with the skills to survive. You begin to recruit a group of loyal comrades and progressively forge your own formidable gang. This isn’t just an entourage; it’s your closest kin, your strength in this relentless environment.

The game then prompts you to assert your dominance over various sectors in your city. With each district you seize control of, you inch closer to your ultimate objective: reigning over the city as the undisputed underworld boss. From planning meticulous heists to orchestrating gang confrontations, every choice you make paves the way for your ascension to power.

If mafia stories captivate you or if you’ve ever found pleasure in games that echo similar themes, New Gangster Crime is definitely a game you should explore. Are you prepared to brave the volatile world of gangsters and rise to supremacy? Keep reading as we further delve into the game in the subsequent sections of this article.

APP NameGangster Crime MOD
Latest version403 MB
APK Size1.8.7
DeveloperNaxeex Action & RPG Games

What is New Gangster Crime?

New Gangster Crime is a gripping action simulation game that lets you step into the shoes of a fledgling gangster. You start from ground zero, making your way through a world fraught with challenges, aiming to become the reigning boss of the Mafia. Your journey will be marked by trials and tribulations as you strive to gain control over various districts in your city, accumulating power and influence to eventually rule over the underworld.

What is New Gangster Crime MOD APK?

While the standard version of New Gangster Crime offers a thrilling experience, it comes with certain restrictions and challenges that players need to overcome. This is where the modified version, New Gangster Crime Mod APK, comes into play. This version has been tweaked to provide an unrestricted gameplay experience. With this mod, you get access to unlimited money, allowing you to strengthen your avatar by purchasing a diverse range of weapons, thereby solidifying your status as the most potent gangster in town and more.

Gangster Crime Mod APK

How can I obtain unlimited money in New Gangster Crime?

In the gameplay of New Gangster Crime Mod APK, your mission includes taking down your adversaries using various weapons at your disposal. As you vanquish each foe that crosses your path, you earn money as a reward. This in-game currency can be utilized for various purposes. However, if your goal is to gain access to unlimited money in New Gangster Crime, the solution is to download the New Gangster Crime Mod APK from our website. This mod grants you unlimited funds and an unlocked version of the game for an enhanced gaming experience.

How can I unlock different weapons in New Gangster Crime?

The game features an array of weapons, each boasting special abilities to help you swiftly defeat your enemies. However, these weapons are not readily available to you. You need to unlock them to use them in your battles. To unlock these weapons, you will need to accumulate a specified amount of coins or money, which can then be spent to unlock various weapons for your gameplay.

Features of New Gangster Crime

Live the Life of a Gangster

The premise of New Gangster Crime Mod APK revolves around the transformation of a minor gang member into a formidable Mafia Boss. Through this game, you get to experience firsthand the trials and tribulations a gangster goes through. Danger looms at every corner, with enemies ready to strike at any moment. Hence, you have to stay vigilant at all times. The game also involves dealing with rival gang members, who you will need to eliminate to ensure your safety and establish your authority.

Wield Powerful Weapons

Since you’re stepping into the role of a gangster, combat is inevitable. You’ll need an arsenal of powerful weapons to fight off your adversaries. Thankfully, New Gangster Crime Mod APK allows you to accumulate a wide variety of weapons that will aid in your defense and offense. Remember, the more enemies you defeat, the stronger you become, inching closer to your goal of becoming the Mafia Boss.

Fast-Paced Vehicles

Given your gangster status, evading the police and enemies will be a regular part of your life. A quick getaway calls for fast vehicles, and this game has got you covered. New Gangster Crime Mod APK offers a multitude of high-speed vehicles to facilitate your escape from sticky situations. These vehicles can be unlocked for use during gameplay.

Explore the City

Apart from the intense action, the game also allows you to explore the beautifully rendered city. You’re free to visit a range of places, from bustling casinos and lively clubs to exquisite restaurants. As you roam around the city, you get to discover various facets of urban life, adding an element of exploration to the thrilling gameplay.

Features of New Gangster Crime MOD APK

Unlimited Money

The modded version of New Gangster Crime Mod APK presents the advantage of having access to unlimited funds. In the standard game, you would need money to acquire various weapons and vehicles – key elements that assist in your rise to the rank of Mafia Boss. With the modified version, you no longer face this limitation. The unlimited money feature enables you to amass all the necessary weapons and vehicles without worrying about funds. Furthermore, the MOD APK version is entirely ad-free, providing an uninterrupted gaming experience.

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New Gangster Crime is an outstanding action game, with vibes reminiscent of the iconic GTA Vice City. Starting as a low-level member of the underworld, you work your way up the ranks to become the Mafia Boss. If you want a restriction-free gaming experience, we recommend downloading the New Gangster Crime MOD APK from our website.


Yes, New Gangster Crime is an online game, requiring an active internet connection to function.

Yes, New Gangster Crime features a multiplayer mode, enabling you to enjoy the game alongside your friends.

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