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Dragon City is a mesmerizing 3D adventure game that allows you to nurture and train your very own dragon. Assemble a formidable battalion of dragons, engage in thrilling battles against other players, or go toe-to-toe with powerful AI dragon warriors.

The game’s stunning 3D graphics and meticulously crafted dragon models create an unparalleled gaming experience. The game invites you to construct your dragon city and collect a diverse array of dragon breeds, each unique in its way.

Empower your dragon by leveling them up, unlocking new abilities, and enhancing their combat performance. Challenge other dragon trainers from various regions to player-vs-player (PvP) battles, unleashing your dragons against theirs. These victories earn you a wealth of resources and rewards. Collect orbs throughout the game, which will assist you in upgrading your dragons, transforming them into new forms.

Consider joining dragon alliances, where fellow dragon trainers can lend you a hand in conquering challenging fights. The game is exceptionally engaging, thanks to its continuous stream of new events that keep players hooked.

APP NameDragon City Mod
Latest version23.3.0
DeveloperSocial Point

What is Dragon City Apk?

Dragon City Apk is a fascinating and immensely captivating game that allows you to rear and train dragons, empowering them for in-game battles. This game allows you to create your dragon city, assembling all the different dragons available in the game.

The game has weekly events that add a twist of variety, where you can breed diverse dragons to obtain new and unique species each week. Engage in exciting PvP (Player versus Player) battles against your friends or throw down the gauntlet to other dragon trainers globally.

You can unlock additional adventures within the game by unveiling the ancient world and the guardian dragon. Dragon City is a free game, compatible across all devices, ensuring fun-filled dragon training wherever you go!

Dragon City Mod APK: Unlimited Money and Gems

What if you could elevate your gameplay with unlimited resources? That’s where Dragon City Mod comes into the picture. It’s the modified version of the game, packed with unlimited money and gems. No more draining your wallet to amass gems—this mod offers you an unlimited supply for free! With it, you can effortlessly amass all dragons and create your invincible dragon army. Enjoy endless orbs that help you level up your dragon to the maximum level and unlock all abilities and powers. Take pleasure in the highly detailed graphics, intriguing animations, and effects. Worried about the accessibility of this mod? Fear not! It’s readily available on our site.

How many dragons are available in the Dragon City game?

Dragon City offers you a mind-boggling variety of dragons—about 500 different ones! Train and collect these dragons, making your gameplay more exciting. Moreover, new dragons make their entrance every week through various events.

What’s the Latest Dragon City Version Available on Android?

Android users can now access the V22.5.2 version of Dragon City. It’s available for download from the Google Play Store or you can download the latest version directly from our site without any hassle. Do keep in mind that the game requires 135 MB of free storage on your device for the initial download. However, this size will expand upon full installation due to the in-game content.